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Learn Programming

Learn Programming

Programming is the back-bone of the 21st century. Without programming, the World would be no where close to where it is right now.

Africa is lacking behind in this aspect and we'd love to change that.

One of our goals at Lyshnia is to accelerate technology improvement in Africa. That's why we came up with this program.

What makes the program different?

Not only do we teach you programming, we personally follow up with you to ensure that you understand everything we teach.

Who is this program for?

Short answer: Everyone.
Long answer: Whether you're just a hobbyist looking to learn programming, a student wanting to improve his/her skills or a future programming looking for a kick start, this program is for you.

What do you need before applying?

A laptop and an internet connection.

What makes it interesting?

A lot. First of all, its totally FREE! Secondly, we'll pay for your internet subscription so you can follow up with the tutorials. Thirdly, we'll be giving out prices weekly to people who solve our weekly challenges. You'd also get a certificate to prove that you passed through our course.

There's so many other reasons why you should sign up for this program! Fill the for below to register and don't forget to follow us on Social media to stay updated!

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